I recently wrote some MCMC software from scratch for analysing the orbits of binary stars. The observational data are extracted from Kepler photometry, by quantifying phase shifts in stellar pulsations. I also investigate the interior rotation rates of stars using the same photometry, by looking for periodic patterns in the g mode pulsations of γ Doradus stars. Rotational splittings in the oscillation frequencies reveal the rotation rate of the stellar core. Repeating this analysis for a large number of stars allows the angular momentum profiles of intermediate-mass stars to be mapped across a variety of stellar properties.

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You may also like to take a look at the video of a public talk I gave in May 2013, or my three-minute news segment on Kepler’s exoplanet announcement in May 2016.

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*The publisher introduced some errors into the manuscript, and so an erratum was published.

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