Simon @ Coonabarabran

Astronomer and Asteroseismologist

I’m Simon Murphy, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Sydney. I use Kepler data to investigate A-type stars using a technique called asteroseismology. I model the orbits of pulsating stars in binary systems and study the spectra of stars, with a keen interest in Am and λ Boo peculiarities.


Ongoing projects include:

My publications and a more specific description are collected under the Research tab on the top-right of the page.


Everyone needs a good hobby, or several. I enjoy many of the usual hobbies of males in their mid-twenties, with a propensity towards those with greater chances of causing injury (apparently!): climbing, cycling, snowboarding, hiking, football and running; but also playing board games, and watching films. For a better insight into the functioning of my mind and the stuff I get up to, you may like to visit the Eclectic section of my website :-)